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We are '' is a new incarnation of a long-term collaboration. Katherine and Jay met in their graduate-school orchestra, have been married since 1976, and have devoted most of their diverse lives to orchestral music.

Katherine M. Peterson

Katherine Petersonreceived her first degree in French, followed by two more degrees in Fine Arts and Music. She played bassoon in the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra for 20 years. A life-long operaphile, she has often been called upon to give pre-concert talks, write program notes, provide supertitles for SDSO concerts, or read score for Public-Television productions of concerts.

Jay A. Reeve

Jay Reeveplayed violin in the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra for 33 years. At various times in his life he has served orchestras as player, librarian, stage manager, operations manager, conductor, and board member. His hobby, computer programming, and his part-time avocation, computer work for a small publishing company, have given him a technical facility useful for producing elegant supertitles.

came about when Tom Bennett, Executive Director of the Boise Philharmonic, inquired about renting the Carmina Burana titles Katherine had recently done for the SD Symphony. We discovered there seemed to be no ready source for them, and concluded there was a void we could fill, if only we could get the word out. We're glad you found us, and hope we may be of service. Please let us know what vocal works your orchestra is planning for the future, so we can add to our catalog.